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This one factor is best friend of a shade sail to help it survive strong winds and adverse weather and to last many years.

For inexpensive shade sails, the type available online under $200, some vendors also offer poles. These poles are usually between 1.5 and 2 inches in diameter, they are inexpensive and totally unsuitable for a proper shade sail as made by Sail Shade World.

On the page INSTALLING SHADE SAILS is a graph that explains what size of pole is best for the size of shade sail and wind exposure.

When you are installing the shade sails you will be screwing in the turnbuckles at each mounting point to achieve the most tension but if the pole is not suitable it will start to bend and the more you tighten the more it will bend and the less the sail will tension.

It is so important that you have the correct size poles and that they are properly set into the ground.

If a sail is not fully tensioned strong wind will cause a flapping motion that will build up, as it gets greater the movement on the mountings could cause them to overload and break. Conversely if it is fully tensioned it should be able to stay up twelve months a year and withstand the very worst winds and weather conditions you might experience.

Shown here is a picture of a large sail installed in Southern California during the second week of April (2021). The green lines show the sag in the sail and the bend in the pole(s). Note the distance off the vertical at the bottom of the pole matches the sag in the middle of the sail. The customer has 2 inch steel poles.

bent poles

Below is an email from this customer that reinforces our campaign for maximum tension.

You are CORRECT Roland! And right on target on All of your recommendations! How many times have you heard that from your customers?

It is hard when the neighbor tells me something different in this case, because he has had his sails since 2006 (from you), but he used electrical posts which are better quality than mine. My excitement and the fact that this is my first Rodeo in the sun sail business got the best of me... UGH And my sincere apologies if I insulted your intelligence.

I will start shopping for stronger poles, starting with the skinny one by the palm tree ??

And next time you get a customer who doesn't get it, please use me as a reference and give them my number! I willl gladly tell them to listen to You!!

Warmest regards back to you!

And Thank you